Sales Channel Management

Maximize your order sales

Consolidate all your sales channels into a single platform. Take advantage of our 25+ plug-and-play integrations with the most widely used platforms.

One time integration

Easy to use

Our software is designed to be user-friendly and tailored for everyday use, ensuring ease of understanding for all users.

Sales Channel Management

Automate all your sales channels in one platform. Including branded customer communication.

Plug & Play solutions

Use our Appstore for 25+ plug & play sales channel integrations.

Order complete

Automate processes to reflect changes in sales channel order statuses automatically.

Sales Channels
25 +
Customer sales revenu
225 M+
Uptime guarantee
99.9 %

All your sales channel orders in one list view

Link your sales channels to automatically import new orders. Begin picking and packing your orders with warehouse management software or utilize our standard order list, picklist, and packing slip features. You no longer need to interact directly with your sales channel platform as we automatically update your sales channel order statuses.

Automate all your business operations

Maintain a consistent order workflow across all sales channels where you sell your products. Establish automation for your shipping process, carrier options, and order picking procedures.


Discover our platform features for the best Sales Channel Management solutions.

One sales channel orderlist

All sales channel orders in one clear list view.

Dashboard insights

Easy KPI dashboard monitoring for ideal data insights.

Multi sales channels

Combine all your sales channels into one platform.


Use our Appstore for 25+ easy plug & play sales channel integrations.

Branded communications

Create the perfect customer journey for your brand.

Automate order complete

Update your sales channel order status automatically.

Shipping rules

Set shipping rules to fully automate and match the correct shipping options.

User management

Split your teams responsibility for every sales channel.

Payment Service Providers

Use PSP's like Mollie to let your customers pay at own delivery or returns.

Any Questions?

No problem at all. Just let us know. We can add the Sales Channel of your choice. Feel free to contact us.

Our goals are to automate as many processes as possible without the possibility to loose the human touch. We believe software is a tool to make your day more easy. So you are able to focus on the more fun things in life.

At this moment we offer our software in the Benelux (NL/BE/LU). But we are growing and expending rapidly in other countries. If you are coming from outside the above countries please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to discover new markets together!

Yes you can. Please request for a personal demo and we are very happy to share all our solutions with you. Request for a demo.

Yes, your data is safe with us. We store all our data in the cloud in the country you are situated. If you are for example from The Netherlands we store your data in The Netherlands.

The two largest partners for data storage are Google and Amazon CS. Our solutions are offered both on shared and dedicated cloud solutions.

Simply yes! Our Transport Management Software uses the latest route optimization tools to generate the most cost efficient routes possible. Including reducing your carbon footprint. 

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