Customer Support Management (bèta)

Optimize daily work with AI

Initiate automated processes with carriers for sending, receiving, and addressing common inquiries using AI technology. This saves you countless hours typically spent on phone calls and repetitive email communications, while simultaneously enhancing the level of customer service provided.

One time integration

Easy to use

Our software is designed to be user-friendly and tailored for everyday use, ensuring ease of understanding for all users.

The power of AI

With tools from services like Open AI we merge down communication channels to a single solution.

Automate communications

We are developing and testing full automations for the most general logistic questions.


Provide your customers with a fully customizable branded platform hosted on your company's own URLs.

Time reducing with automation
80 %
Average employee cost savings
45 K+
Communication channels
7 +

Merge communication channels with Trengo

When utilizing Trengo, our software tools seamlessly integrate all available logistic order data into the platform. This empowers your customer service team to make instant decisions during communications with your customers.

Where is my order? WISMO

Our development team is currently collaborating on an AI-powered solution aimed at automating common inquiries such as “Where is my order?”. Initiate automated processes with carriers to manage and address these frequently asked questions using AI technology. This not only saves you valuable time typically spent on phone calls and repetitive emails but also enhances the level of customer service provided.


Discover our platform features for the best Customer Service Management solutions (bèta).


Use our Appstore for 50+ easy plug & play integrations.

Branded communications

Create the perfect customer journey for your brand.

Automate communication

Automate repeating questions with the use of AI-tools.

Communication rules

Set process rules to fully automate carrier communication.

Dashboard insights

Easy KPI dashboard monitoring for ideal data insights.

User management

Split your teams responsibility for every channel.

Any Questions?

We mainly focus on five branches:

Our goals are to automate as many processes as possible without the possibility to loose the human touch. We believe software is a tool to make your day more easy. So you are able to focus on the more fun things in life.

Having our product in bèta means we are still in developement with this product. It is used for specific customers only and not ready yet for all our customers. Our technical specialists are testing the rapidly changing AI availabilities on global market level to discover the best solutions.

We do not have contracts with carriers. But our partners do have these contracts. If you are interested in redusing shipping costs for sure we can link you to one of our partners.

Yes you can. Please request for a personal demo and we are very happy to share all our solutions with you. Request for a demo.

Yes, your data is safe with us. We store all our data in the cloud in the country you are situated. If you are for example from The Netherlands we store your data in The Netherlands.

The two largest partners for data storage are Google and Amazon CS. Our solutions are offered both on shared and dedicated cloud solutions.

Depending on your unique specifications, we can expedite your launch within a timeframe ranging from just one day to a few weeks. Additionally, we're equipped to handle intricate projects with a tailored release schedule.

At this moment we offer our software in the Benelux (NL/BE/LU). But we are growing and expending rapidly in other countries. If you are coming from outside the above countries please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to discover new markets together!

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